Weekend Going-Ons

I wish I could say that we had an exciting weekend but it was pretty low key around here. At the beginning of the week I came down with a wicked cold, which I generously passed on to Jon so most of the week felt like a slog. By the time Friday came around all I wanted to do was grab some takeout and relax. We took Patches out, picked up our respective takeout and zoned out on the couch.

Saturday morning Patches got up quite early (as well as few time during the night) so I decided it was time to do my taxes. I had a coffee and filled out and filed our tax returns for the year, all by 9 am. Then it was out for a walk with Patches and onto household chores.

I’m not particularly useful in this stage of the basement reno, so I worked on clearing out our freezer (so that I can hopefully fill it with some food prior to Baby Scotch’s arrival!). We’ve had berries in there for years that Jon has been promising to make into jam and I’ve been threatening to throw out so I decided to tackle those. I made up a big batch of Saskatoon Berry jam (which ended up a little runny but quite tasty) and cooked the berries for a batch of Nanking Cherry jelly. Its been a long time since I canned anything.

Saskatoon berries seem to hold up well, even after extended time in the freezer
Getting ready to can

I also found time to finish off our baby room decorations. We still have a few things left to do but the room is pretty much ready!

Jon picked out the decals and I like his choices!
The zebra is one of my favourites

My sister was in town for a visit so she joined us for the afternoon dog walk and then we met up with my Dad for family dinner. I’ve been ready to go to bed by 7:30 pm every night so as soon as we got home I curled up with a book in bed. I have this goal to read the entire Wheel of Time series (something I have started and discarded in the past) and I managed to finish off Book 6 (only 8 more to go!).

Sunday morning Patches also got up early but since he’d slept through the night I wasn’t as upset. I processed my Nanking cherry juice but it turned out too runny and I think I’m going to have to tackle it again next weekend.

Then we met up with my sister for another dog walk over at Bowmont Park. It was a cold and snowy morning but Patches seemed to enjoy it. Then it was time for more chores – bottle depot, grocery store, school work and meal prep took up the rest of the day. While I do hate spending all my Sunday doing chores, it does feel good to have most of the stuff ready for this week.

This week we’ve both just got lots of work on the go, and hopefully some time to tackle a few more home repairs. We figure we need another 5 weekends to get everything finished up (which is cutting it close!) so some weeknight time is going to be needed.


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