A Look Back on February and My March 2017 To-Do List

Yes, I know we’re into the first week of March already but February was so short. And I’m not really dealing well with March – its cold (and I’m done with the cold) and I feel massively pregnant, with still 5+ weeks to go. I was actually very bummed out when I looked back on last March and it was warm enough that I was riding my bike in just a light jacket. Ugh, today I almost caved and put my snow pants on to walk the dog but it’s such a struggle to get anything on that I just was cold. But enough of the whining, on to my recap!

Overall yearly goals:

  1. Have a fitness routine – ha, I’m walking lots and counting that as my “fitness routine” but I do really miss having something more structured. I know there will be lots of time post-pregnancy to get back into it.
  2. Go outside and explore – we had one weekend where we skied both the Saturday and the Sunday and then the following weekend we went on our big snowshoe adventure. I guess two out of four weekends wasn’t too bad!

  1. Travel – still no travel in February.
  2. Spend (meaningful) time with my husband – we did enjoy a really nice lunch date in the middle of the month when I was downtown for work. We went to Bistro Suzette and it sort of felt like a mini-vacation because that day in February was so warm  I was able to stroll around downtown without a jacket. We also shared an amazing salted caramel crepe.

And in February I planned to:

  1. Stay active – I only hit more than 15 000 steps 11 days in February, but every day I walked more than 10 000 and most days I was around 13 000 so I’d say I’m staying pretty active (plus the skiing and snowshoeing!).
  2. Help Jon complete home repairs – I think I’m doing great at this! I actually helped with the electrical and some light fixture installation and then have been busy supporting my cooking, cleaning and dog parenting. Sometimes I run errands to pick up supplies. I think we’re making good progress on the home renos but there is still lots to do!
  3. Plan a mini-vacation – I’ve picked a weekend and sort of decided what we’re going to do but haven’t booked anything yet.
I also made this bowl on the lathe in February.

So in March, I’m going to keep it pretty simple because a) we really just need to get those home renos done and b) I’m pretty uncomfortable. So, here’s what I’d like to get done this month:

  1. Finish the basement – as I write, Jon is down the basement painting the bathroom. This means the drywall and electrical are all done, and the bedroom is painted. Still left are window trim, the floors, room trim, some minor fixture installation, the toilet, the sink and the vanity, as well as painting the doors. We’ve also then got to clean up and put the rooms all back together. Which leads me to…
  2. Clean the house – I know I’ll feel a lot better if I can give the house a good, deep clean before Scotch arrives.
  3. Visit friends – before it becomes more difficult with the newborn
  4. Go on that mini-vacation I keep talking about – I booked my personal day off from work so now I just need to finish planning that weekend.

I’m looking forward to spring (maybe) arriving in March and some progress on the house! It’s also spring break and while we aren’t going anywhere, I’m hoping to catch up on my sleep and enjoy some relaxing time at home.


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