36 Weeks

I’m only 4 weeks away from my official due date, which seems crazy to me. I’m (I think) ready to have this baby but also still not ready. I suppose that is how it goes for everyone.

How I’m Feeling

Uncomfortable! I’d say somewhere between 32 and 33 weeks I started to just feel too large. There is just lots of moaning and groaning going on whenever I have to do anything and bending down is just really unpleasant. I borrowed a body pillow (affectionately known as “the tooth”) from a friend and it is making sleeping a little more comfortable although I struggle to get out of the thing when I need to.

We keep saying we’re going to go out and take shots of the belly but never get around to it. All I’ve got right now is a few unflattering shots Jon took of me making muffins the other day.

What Baby is Up To

Still head down. He’s also been really active this past week or so – lots of thumping around in there. Besides that I don’t really know – the bi-weekly belly check indicates he’s growing as he should and since we’re really certain his head is down, there are no plans to have an ultrasound to peek in on him.

What I’m Wearing

Basically whatever fits these days, which isn’t much. The belly is really pushing the limits of most of my shirts, even the maternity ones, so it is a very limited wardrobe. I finally outgrew my mens XL flannel PJ bottoms so have moved to sleeping in a giant nightie. The good news is that my feet haven’t been swelling so I’m not having a problem fitting into my shoes!


Not a thing. Still walking the dog twice a day but even old Patches has started to leave me in the dust.

What We’ve Been Up To

Stocking up the freezer. I’ve made several dozen muffins, some smoothie packs, and some shepard’s pie. We also did a big Costco run and stocked up on some easy to cook items. We are at freezer capacity (which is a lot since we have two fridges and a full sized chest freezer).

Buying a few more baby items like hats, blankets and diapers. I also bought a breast pump and a foot stool. I still have a few items on the to purchase list but they are minor items and we’ll survive if I don’t have them.

I think we both panicked a little bit the other evening and we started to put together our “hospital bag” as well as our birth centre bag (and something I call the birth bin – in case this thing happens at home!). Not 100% packed but doing better.

The baby room is 99% done – we just have to mount a baby monitor camera (and put up the blinds) and it is good to go.

What’s Next

Those lingering purchases and finish packing out bags (to the extent we can, the popsicles are going to have to stay in the fridge until game time!).

Get my hair cut! I haven’t done that since last spring break so it is long over due.

Clean the house – so dirty and disgusting.

I’m on weekly visits to the mid-wife now plus weekly chiro visits so lots of appointments. I should also start doing a better job of preparing to leave work.

Wait around and see what happens in the next few weeks!


2 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. Hi Jenn! I am so excited to find you’ve been making pregnancy posts (after not checking in for a really long time), and am totally going to read your entire last year’s posts all tonight! Also, I wouldn’t call your muffin-baking picture unflattering at all. I think it’s beautiful! 🙂

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