38 Weeks

I wasn’t sure we’d actually make it to 38 weeks – I thought baby might be ready as soon as I stopped working for spring break but here we are, so I was wrong! While I know its better for baby Scotch if he just hangs in there a little longer, I’m ready to move on to the next part of this. Scotch seems to be listening to his Dad who says he’s not allowed to come out until the home repairs are done!

How I’m Feeling

Tired, even though I’m on break. I’ve been having lots of stomach pain at night – enough that it wakes me up and I go pace around the house some nights. But during the day things are pretty good – no swelling and I haven’t ballooned to a ridiculous size.

We finally took some photos of the belly – here it is at 37 weeks!


I’m now at weekly midwife visits and have a huge array of vitamins and homeopathic that I take every day.

What Baby is Up To

He’s gotten too big for lots of hard jabs but now I just feel large parts of his body sticking out all the time. Lots of little movements to remind me that he is still there. Hopefully he’s busy growing but not too much!

What I’m Wearing

Very few things still fit the belly. I’m not at work right now, so I can get away with wearing the exact same outfit every day but I suspect there will be a lot of repeat outfits when I’m at work next week too.


Just lots of walking with the dog. About an hour is manageable but longer than that and I get tired.

What We’ve Been Up To

Jon spent last weekend in bed with a terrible cold so we’ve slowly been working on the house. While he was out of commission I organized baby stuff (for the umpteenth time) and have decided that we have enough! We picked up a new mattress for the crib and I think I’m as ready as I’m going to get by buying stuff.

We upsized our vehicles this week – we sold our car and are now the new owners of a used Range Rover. Its got a giant back seat so there should be room for dog and baby plus a huge trunk. It’s going to take some time to get used to driving it.

What’s Next

Wait for baby Scotch to decide he’s ready to join us out here. And while that is happening, hopefully finish off the basement!


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