Two Weeks with Baby Scotch

Its kind of hard to believe that it has already been two weeks with this little guy. I won’t pretend it has been easy – there have definitely been some giant meltdowns (on both our parts) – but it’s been good despite those.  I thought I would be posting my 40 week pregnancy update but a two week update on our new baby is more exciting!

What He’s Been Up

Eating – we eat all the time! It’s every two hours during the day, and every four hours at night. It takes about an hour to eat/change/eat so we are both spending a lot of time in our nursing nest.  He does hate getting started with feeding and puts up quite a fight before I can get him latched. He can now grab (and pinch) and has also started using his feet to try and push me away. I’m not sure why as he is always supper happy once he gets started.

Having a post-feed cuddle with a sleepy baby

Sleeping – he loves to sleep during the day but requires a little more cuddling to get him to sleep at night. He mostly sleeps in my arms (day time) or in his bassinet (night time). I’ve put him in his crib a few times but he looks so little in there.

Having a solid morning nap

Growing – thank goodness! We were a little concerned because his weight didn’t seem to be going up but at our two week appointment he was back up at birth weight! He just out grew his first newborn sleeper (the one he wore home from the hospital) and is starting to fit into some of his 0 – 3 month clothes now.

Fun stuff – he’s starting to have more awake times now which is a little more exciting than a constantly sleeping baby. He has lots of “poses” including his take on “blue steel”.

Making silly faces at his dad
Really thinking about something

What I’ve Been Up To

Hanging out – life with a newborn has been a lot of sitting around. Some times he hangs out with me, sometimes he hangs out with Dad and sometimes there has been someone else around to hold him but mostly its me and him.

Hanging out at just one day old – he’s so much bigger now!

Going for walks – I was able to start going for short walks with the dog and baby the day after birth. We’ve worked our way up to the usual afternoon dog walk and this week have also started the morning dog walk (while gramps hangs out with Baby S). I’m really looking forward to nicer weather and Scotch being old enough to go into his stroller so we can go out more often and expand our area out of the neighbourhood.

Laundry – so much laundry. We’re doing a lot of washing to keep up with his outfit changes (he can sometimes go through all his outfits in a day).

Patiently waiting for more clothes to start to fit me – I’ve in an awkward spot of not really fitting into either my pregnancy or my pre-pregancy stuff. I need to go through my wardrobe and figure out what works and pack up what doesn’t (all those shirts that were cute when they hugged my pregnant belly are less cute now that they hug my still large uterus/Peanut M&M belly).

What’s Next

Meeting his extended family – Grandpa has been by several times and his aunty flew up from Seattle to meet him. Gramps showed up this weekend and his other aunt and an uncle are flying out for a visit in May.

Meeting his aunty M

Getting out and about – we’ve been out on a few errands but haven’t attempted an outing more than a few hours (the feeding window). My goal for the next few weeks is to get out longer – maybe baby’s first trip to the mountains?


One thought on “Two Weeks with Baby Scotch

  1. Hi Jenn:

    Baby Scotch is adorable. I just mailed the pram blanket – regular Canada Post. She said it should arrive a week Monday. Sounds like you are all doing well. Love the pictures. Aunt Joan

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