Baby Scotch – One Month

Hard to believe that it has already been a month (ok, and a few extra days) since this guy made his appearance. I already find myself saying “he’s growing up so fast” which I’m sure will be a common theme!

What He’s Been Up To

Growing – he weighed in at 9lbs 3 oz at 29 days so up quite a bit from two weeks ago. You can see his arms and legs (and double chin) getting all chubby now.

eating – still all the time, I thought he’d start to space it out more but not yet. This means that we are still spending at lot of time in our nursing nest. Because he notices more stuff now he tends to get more distracted feeding – his Dad is huge source of distraction and often gets banished from the room.

A typical break between feedings

sleeping – we’ve started having fussy evenings so he requires a few extra cuddles to go to sleep at night (typically around 10:00 pm). Then we’re up again sometime around 1 am, and some where around 4 am. Between 6 am and 8 am either he gets up and won’t sleep, or the dog gets up and won’t sleep so mornings haven’t been great for catching a few extra z’s after Dad goes to work.

fun stuff – bath time! He’s had a few baths now, sometimes in his own little tub and a couple times with me in the big tub and he loves the water.

Snuggling in his elephant towel post bath

Noises – he squeeks away now, making what I can also assume are happy little baby noises. They are adorable and much better than his screaming cries (which also happen).

What I’ve Been Up To

trying to get out of the house more – over the past few weeks I’ve started venturing out more. We’ve done baby’s first trip to MEC, baby’s first trip to Costco and countless walks. We’ve been to visit one friend (most people are still coming to see us) and down to the midwives’ countless times. We’ve attempted to lawn bowl twice now, and even though the latest outting ended with a screaming baby, we’re figuring it out.

Sleeping his way through his first trip to Costco
Not happy to be out practicing bowls

attempting to master the stroller dog walk – He’s good in his stroller now (yay) but I’m still working on successfully wrangling him and Patches at the same time all by myself. Patches’ freeform walking and quirky habits about where he likes to cross the street aren’t always stroller compatible.

All ready for a walk

learning to do a lot of things while holding a baby – the one handed dishwasher load, the full squat to pick up something off the floor, those types of things. We’re home alone now so if I want to get anything done I’ve either got a short window while he naps in his crib or I’ve got to do it while he’s attached to me. I use the wrap carrier sometimes but its a learning curve to figure out what I can accomplish and what has to wait until Dad comes home.

Trying to hold the baby and pet the dog.

What’s Next

Travel!– baby’s first overnight trip is to Edmonton for the long weekend. And then later this month we’re going on family vacation for two weeks.

Get outside more – the weather is finally warming up (yay!) so I’d like to be outside more even if it is just sitting in the backyard.

finally master feeding (at home and on the road) – he loves to eat, I make enough food – the problem is he doesn’t always want to access it in a way that doesn’t do serious damage. But we are making progress and I’m optimistic that by time we head out on our trips I’m going to have this thing figured out.


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