California Dreaming

Someone got their passport and is getting ready to head out on his first big trip – Southern California!

While we talked about going on a trip after baby arrived, we waited until the birth (and then a month later) to actually book anything. This is super last minute for me – I usually have trips booked months in advance! However, I think I’ve managed to pull off a pretty good trip itinerary and I’m excited to try our first trip with Baby Scotch.

We’ve got 16 days (including travel) to explore southern California. If it had just been the two of us, I think this would have been a long time but given that we’ve got baby with us I think we’re going to take things a little slower.

The Plan

We’re flying into San Diego (with a connection in San Francisco) and then spending four more days exploring the city. I’d like to go to the zoo, visit Balboa Park, check out Old Town and visiting Coronado Island. We’re staying downtown and hopefully will be able to accomplish this without needing car.

From San Diego we’re picking up a rental car and driving north up the coast. Our first stop is going to just outside of San Diego to visit La Jolla and Torrey Pines. I plan to spend the first night in Huntington Beach.

From Huntington Beach we’re going to LA and plan to spend two days there. We’ll hit up some of the major tourist attractions.

From LA we going to Santa Ynez area – we’ll check out a few sights along the way and spend a day doing some tastings at wineries for a total of two nights in the area.

Then we’re going to hit up the parts of Hwy 1 that are open and end up in Monterey. We’ve got two nights planned there with the aquarium being high on our list of things to see.

Our final stop is San Francisco for four days. We’re staying near Union Square and Alcatraz is on the must see list. We’re flying home from San Fran (which is a nice direct flight!).

I’ve got some of the trip booked – flights, some hotels, our car rental – but still working to get the rest booked. As with all our trips, I’ve been brain storming a bucket list of what to do and see to help us fill in the days and we’re going to be busy!  As much as I’m a little nervous about heading out with a two month old for two weeks, I’m really looking forward to our trip!

Any must sees or does along our route? Any tips for traveling with a 7 week old?


2 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. Sounds fantastic. We took Scott to Scotland when he was 4 months and it was just as easy as being at home – and, definitely more exciting. The car seat is your best tool. What day do you leave?

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