Baby Scotch at 5 Months

The little guy celebrated his 5 month-versary by spending his first full day at daycare. I can’t believe how big my little baby has gotten!


What He’s Been Up To

Growing – we got on the scale the other day and I think he’s in around 16.5 lbs. He’s definitely all delightful chubby rolls on his arms and legs! What I think I notice most about his growth these days isn’t the weight gain but how much he has changed in appearance. He looks like a little boy now (instead of a baby) and his eyes have started to darken up. Also, his hair has finally started to come back in although I’m not sure exactly what colour it is.

Eating – still all the time (including a few wake ups at night). He is more distracted now when he nurses so it can be a bit of a struggle but in general he’s pretty good at nursing and taking a bottle. He seems pretty interested in solid foods but we’re going to wait until closer to 6 months before we take that plunge!

Sleeping – still remains elusive. He wakes up a few times at night to eat, and sometimes a few times at night just to babble at us. When we first had him I was totally against co-sleeping but now at 5 months he ends up in our bed almost every night at some point.

play – he definitely plays with stuff now and can even keep himself occupied. The excersaucer remains a favourite play place – he gets in it first thing in the morning and is just as happy as can be – but he is also enjoying a set of coloured texture balls and his stuffed pink elephant.

He still loves to read and has finally figured out that the crinkle books are fun for him to play with as well.

Fun stuff – he still really into standing and will happily stand (with support) for as long as you’ll hold him up.

He’s also loving putting things into his mouth – especially drinking glasses although anything goes in there if he can grab it.

What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve been trying to soak up time with the little guy and Jon before heading back to work so lots of the month was just hanging out.

We did have a 10 day trip to Victoria and a few days at the cabin too.

What We’re Looking Forward To

This month has a lot of changes for us with him starting daycare and me back at work. Our first week wasn’t so bad but we’ll see how it goes as there are a lot of moving parts and new routines.

Jon is also away so I’m doing my first solo parenting stint. So far its been better than I thought it would be but I’m still looking forward to having him home.

I finally started cloth diapering over the past few days and I’m looking forward to figuring it out. I’m already mildly obsessed with the whole process and I suspect that I’m going to lose many hours of my life to research and experiments. Stay tuned!


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