What We’ve Been Up To – How is it Already December?

Dear November – how are you over already?

Things have been pretty busy since we returned from Vancouver. I keep hoping things will quiet down but then I’m not doing a very good job of saying “no” to all sorts of stuff. Its a bit out of control and leading to a bit of frustration these days. We’ve been up in Edmonton, doing a bunch of stuff around the house and hosting gramps for a week so it certainly hasn’t been quiet!

Of course work is busy (it always is) and I’m looking forward to the start of Christmas break. I’ve got lots of projects on the go in my classroom so its mostly pretty fun but a lot of work.

The classroom goldfish waiting out the weekend in our bathroom at home before moving into our classroom aquaponics system

On the home front Scotch has been dealing with yet another monster cold which means we’re all dealing with the cold. He seemed to get better, we got worse and now he’s got something else.

Sleeping off his cold while we were up in Edmonton. Yet again he managed to match his sleepwear to the hotel linens.

Speaking of the little guy – he turned 8 months on Friday (how did the time go by so fast?) and is so much fun. He’s generally a happy guy but has learned to express his displeasure when he isn’t thrilled with things (tonight he did not like his soup for dinner). I keep thinking he’s going to crawl any day now and he is desperate to be able to move in any way possible. He’s got an official check-up on Wednesday and I’m excited to find out how big he is.

Helping Dad install the new sink faucet

Winter showed up early this year so I’ve been working on adjusting to that. After some dedicated searching on Kijiji I was finally able to purchase a cross-country ski kit for our Chariot and we took it out for test run after the first snowfall. We only skied for about 20 minutes but it was great to be out. Since then all our snow in the city has disappeared and we haven’t made the time for a longer adventure but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get out again soon.


The colder weather has had me in holiday mode since the middle of November. I’ve secretly been wearing Christmas socks and have actually done a large part of my Christmas shopping already. I’m looking forward to getting the lights and tree up (hopefully this coming weekend) and I have a few Christmas crafts on the go.

We’ve got three work weeks left before break and I’ve got a lot of things I need/want to get done so December is going to be busy too! I’ve also started a holiday bucket list and am determined that we’re not going to spend the whole month working!


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