Christmas Break 2017 – Part 1

The lead up to Christmas break this year felt ridiculously busy – probably because this is one of those years where we worked until the 22nd – but it is always busy whether it is vacation or not and I’m happy I didn’t lose a week of vacation to all the pre-Christmas chores.

We definitely didn’t do all the usual Christmas things this year. I only made some nuts and bolt and one batch of my Christmas biscotti but I don’t honestly miss the baking. My students were generous in their gifting of chocolate so we’ve got lots around the house to satisfy my sweet tooth.

We went to E’s Christmas party at daycare (where he met Santa), helped some friends decorate their tree and went to a Christmas party where we exchanged unwanted items from our own houses (I got a lovely bird house).

I did manage some Christmas crafting, even if it meant staying up way to late on many school nights. I wanted to make E a Christmas stocking (Jon’s mom made his, Jon made mine and so I felt it was my job to make E’s). I kept it pretty simple but he loves the red pom pom nose and it looks cute hanging from the mantle.

I also worked on my collection of cloth bags. I’d like to green-up (and simplify) our wrapping of gifts and these bags are a great way to do that. I’ve now used up my whole stash of Christmas themed cotton and I think we’ve got enough bags for a while.

My trusty Elna is back in action

Christmas break started on Friday. My sister and her boyfriend arrived in time for some pre-Christmas visiting and we took them to see the lights at Confederation Park as a way to start our Christmas break. We got a huge snowfall last week (yay for a white Christmas!) but along with that have come some very chilly temperatures so we didn’t say out long.

I managed to get my Christmas shopping done before the break started so this past weekend I just had to hit up the grocery store. We kept gifting fairly simple so wrapping wasn’t the huge chore it has been in the past and I wasn’t up late on Christmas Eve doing last minute wrapping. Instead we were able to fit in a short ski (while my sister babysat) and went to bed not much after the little guy.

Christmas morning started bright and early at 7 am but we just let E play with his Santa gift and had a cup of coffee while we waited for my sister to get up. Then we did stockings, Eggo waffles for breakfast, E had a little nap and we worked our way through the rest of his gifts.

Opening his stocking with Dad
Not that into opening the gifts but still pretty excited about all the action

We hosted “luncher” and had family come over at noon for snacks, drinks, gifts, another nap and finally an early Christmas dinner. We stuck with the traditional turkey, potatoes, brussel sprouts, and cheese cake for dessert. Everyone was on their way by early evening and then we attempted to get our wound up child to go to bed. After E was finally down Jon and I finished Christmas by opening gifts from each other.

Boxing day was fairly quiet. The cold temperatures kept us inside other than alternating who took the dog for a walk. We ventured out in the afternoon to exchange a pair of slippers but spent the rest of the day helping E play with his new toys and eating leftover turkey.

Checking out his new ornaments on the tree

We dropped my sister off at the airport today which wraps up the Christmas part of our vacation. The cold snap continues so we don’t have any exciting plans for the next few days but it will be nice to just spend some down time together as this is the longest time off we’ve had since I went back to work.


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