Looking Back at 2017

Definitely the biggest thing that happened for us in 2017 was the arrival of Baby Scotch. Its been awesome (even when things have driven me to tears) and I’m so excited about 2018 with him. Lots of other stuff happened in 2017 too but I’d say this year was about pockets of really awesome adventures, with long periods of boring, and sometimes frustrating, days in between. When I’m thinking about what I’d like for this new year that is definitely something I’m going to work on changing. But before we get into this new year, here’s some highlights from 2017.


Between the start of the year and May we didn’t go any where. This was the first year we didn’t do something for spring break which turned out to be the best decision when I went into labour two weeks early. Luckily it didn’t take long for us to be able to head out again as a family of three with a day trip to Drumheller, a weekend in Edmonton and finally our two and a half week trip to California.

Beach time in San Diego

Jon and I split paternity leave so he was able to take the summer off with us. We went to the cabin at the start of July, spent some time in Victoria and capped off the summer with another trip to the cabin in August.

Hanging on the beach in Victoria

I went back to work in the fall which generally means no more vacation until Christmas but this year I had a spot at the indoor lawn bowling national championships in Vancouver so we spent a week at the end of October there.

Christmas was spent in the city but we made the long, snowy drive to the cabin in time for new years.

Around the House

Early in 2016 we started on some basement renos, knowing that we wanted to have a guest room down there with the baby room upstairs. We didn’t get to finish them but luckily my father in law came for a visit and wrapped them up for us. Jon also painted the main floor and bathroom and we did some landscaping in the front yard.

Personal and Family

Obviously, the arrival of Baby Scotch changed our lives and what we got up to. He was awesome as a tiny baby but is even more awesome at 9 months. Best thing ever.

Eating dried seaweed

Work for both Jon and I was/is super busy to the point where it is too much. Another thing that needs to be adjusted in 2018.

Fitness and Health

So the first part of the year was about maintaining a healthy pregnancy (success!) and then recovering quickly (success!) but the time after that which should have been spent regaining my fitness just never happened. I’ve lost all the baby weight (and more) but I wouldn’t say I’m fit. We didn’t make it much of a priority.


Prior to Baby Scotch’s arrival we actually got in quite a few outdoor adventures for being so pregnant. We hiked Fullerton Loop again, did a fair amount of cross country skiing and even went on a pretty epic snowshoe adventure at 32 weeks pregnant. I went for a big walk the day I went into labour and managed to be outside the day following (and even during labour I spent some of it outdoors).

Then there was a lot of city walking while we toured California and adjusted to life as new parents which remained the general pace of our outdoor adventures even as we got into summer. We did one camping trip, got out for some short paddles at the cabin and a few easy walks at Glenbow Ranch.

Out for an evening paddle

For the first summer in a long, long time we didn’t get into the backcountry at all.

We had a really warm fall/winter so there wasn’t much snow, then we did get a ton right before Christmas but of course the temperature dropped into the -20s so skiing has only happened twice.


I crushed the reading this year mostly because I spent a lot time reading when Scotch was nursing/napping. I read 61 books in 2017 which is probably the most I’ve ever read in a year. I didn’t have a favourite book this year but looking at my list I seemed to read a lot of murder mysteries – probably because there were easy and “mindless”.

All the Other Stuff

Lawn bowling was a big part of our summer. Both Jon and I were on the provincial team, and then each of us completed in different national championships in the fall.

I’m sure there was other stuff but my mind is drawing a blank. I didn’t blog as much as I usually do so I feel like I had a harder time keeping track of what we got up to on a day to day basis.

So much time was spent like this – not exciting but great anyways

So that was 2017 (or at least what I remember of it right now). While there was a lot of good in 2017, I wouldn’t say I felt particularly satisfied with how it all went. While I wouldn’t change things, we’ll certainly be looking at how we can make some changes moving forward in 2018!


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