Christmas Break 2017 – Part 2

After the Christmas excitement we spent the days in between hunkered down, waiting out the cold snap. We dog sat Brinkley so there was a little bit of chaos but also lots of down time.

Just two dogs and a baby in our tiny living room. E loves Brinkley so he was so excited the whole time he was here.
Soaking up baby cuddles during afternoon naps
Story time with Dad

We’d planned to drive to the cabin on the 30th but there was a huge snowfall and the freezing temperatures continued so we delayed it a day. It was still cold when we headed out (at one point it was -38C on the highway, without windchill) but luckily it warmed up slightly by the time we got to the cabin.

A wintry lunch break at Frank Slide (it was a balmy -26 C but dogs and humans needed food and a quick walk)
Hanging with Mom and eating lunch in the Rover

There was a ton of snow at the cabin but also multiple sightings of multiple cougars so we stayed out of the forest (we didn’t see any cougars but felt that not skiing was probably wise) and the still chilly temperatures made for short dog walks. We did a lot of relaxing and playing.

The lake is still beautiful, even with a coat of snow
I tried to get all my dog walks in during daylight
Always more fun to play with someone else’s toys – even better when they are from the 80’s

It eventually warmed up which made the dogs walks more enjoyable and we attempted one (very short) ski on the lake.

Hanging out on our lunch break during the drive home
A much warmer stop at Frank’s Slide on the way home (+3C!)

We came home on Friday and have spent the weekend trying to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s back to work on Monday. E and I did make it out for one ski on Saturday at Confederation Park and we are ready for the work week but I still wish we had another week to just hang out and enjoy.


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