Baby Scotch at 10 Months

Whoops! I didn’t really intend to skip so many months but every time I sat down to write something came up. So now some how my tiny baby is 10 months old – crazy!

Enjoying his first visit to the park

What He’s Been Up To

Growing: We haven’t had an official weigh in but we got on the scale the other day and he’s about 18.5 lbs. I would have thought he’d weigh more but he’s also super busy and the nurse at our last check up said not to worry. He’s grown out of this 6-9 month stuff but is still a little small for 12 months (and some how I didn’t get handed down much in the 9-12 month range) so clothing is a little awkward right now.. He’s also changed so much in appearance from when I last posted – his eyes are dark and he has so much hair.

Just cruising on with co-pilot Pooh. This was a hand me down and with a little electrical know-how we got the lights and sounds working again and it is a hit with the little guy!

Eating: We started solid foods at 6 months and I thought he’d love it but so far it’s been a struggle. He really loved his baby cereal (and still does) but hasn’t been super excited about other foods. Right now he seems to be on a hunger strike and is generally avoiding all solids except seaweed, cheerios and grated cucumber. When he is feeling more himself he also loves crackers, bread, sweet potato, tomato and rice. He enjoys trying to feed himself but isn’t always that successful. We’ve tried lots of stuff (nuts included) so right now its really about what he’ll eat. Hopefully he gets over this and starts enjoying food again.

He does still seem to enjoy Cheerios

Along with the solids we’re still nursing and he takes 2-3 bottles while he’s at daycare. He usually nurses before work, right when we get home, around 7 pm for bed, then again at 10:30 pm, maybe 1:00 am, usually 3:30 am, and then 5:30 am before getting up for the day. I love that we’ve been able to keep it up even with me working full time but I don’t enjoy pumping.

Sleeping: as per his nursing schedule you can see that we’re definitely not sleeping through the night – and right now I’m OK with that. We started co-sleeping 100% of the time and it is what keeps me sane with the nursing and the full time work. He usually goes to bed around 7 pm after dinner and story and sleeps in his crib until anywhere from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm (or whenever I go to bed). He usually gets up around 6 am which is fine during the week but not my favourite on the weekends. Napping is still a struggle but we’re at two naps at day at home for the most part and if we do it right he will sleep 1-2 hours. He sleeps best on the move or cuddled with one of us.

Play: he learned to craw on New Year’s Day (exactly 9 months) and is go, go, go all the time. When he’s not crawling its because he’s found something to pull himself up on (furniture, person, the cat) or things that can be banged together. He loves anything that can be banged together to make noise, whether that is the intended use or not. He’s also fascinated by wheels, his stuffed toys and puzzles. He can’t handle being still and is always trying to get to the next thing, what ever that might be.


Fun stuff: We’re working on going outside more and have been to the park and for a little sled ride in the winter. He’s been skiing with me a few times in the Chariot.

Trying out the same sled that I was dragged around in as a child

We’ve also been to the pool a few times and he loves to splash around. He loves bath time as well and plays with his assortment of bath toys that he got for Christmas as long as we let him.

He’s almost mastered a few words – mama, dada – and finally got his first tooth (bottom left) last week.

What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve been back at work since September and Jon’s been back since October and it’s been busy. We’ve finally come to a morning routine that doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out but our work week is still really rushed. Just this past month I’ve finally started to making working out fit into our schedule but it means I go to bed later and some stuff around the house just doesn’t get done.

Helping me with the vacuuming

Since his last update we’ve taken him to Vancouver, celebrated Christmas and spent a wintery week at the cabin.

What We’re Looking Forward To

We’re just a few weeks away from the Family Day long weekend and even if we end up doing nothing, I’m still looking forward to having an extra day at home with the family.

February can be one of those months were either its super cold or ridiculously warm here in Calgary so it will be interesting to see what we end up with. I have a few bucket list items but nothing really planned out so we’ll just see where life with the little guy takes us.


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