Bee Keeping

In June 2012 we set up our very first backyard bee hives – Geraldton and Moose Factory.

the new hives with  names

Geraldton didn’t survive the 2013/2014 winter so we are in the process of establishing a new hive, Chapleau, into our new bee yard.


After two years I still consider myself a beginner at this so I expect this year will bring lots of new experiences. Any posts about our bees and bee related items are here and I’ve also listed them below.

2014 (Year 3)

|An Update on the Hives|Bees Up Close|Spring Cleaning and Splitting the Hives|A Missed Queen|The Queen Lives!| Too Many QueensThis Year’s Honey Harvest |Wrapping the Bees for Winter|

2013 (Year 2):

Building Bee Frames| Building Bee Boxes| First Hive Opening| Bee Update| July Bee Update| The First Honey of 2013| September Bee Update| Wrapping the Bees for Winter

2012 (Year 1):

The Bees Are Here! | Activity at the Hive | Opening the Hives | Honey Extraction