Feeling Less Fit – and a new injury!

I'm in a bit of a fitness slump. I always envision summer as this time where I will do lots of working out but in reality it is usually the time of year where I fall apart. I'm not totally upset - I have been doing lots of fun things - but I do need… Continue reading Feeling Less Fit – and a new injury!

(Trying to Stay) Injury Free

In February I had some tight leg muscles, so I started getting sports massages again (after not seeing an MT since my first marathon in 2010). I visited just before our trip to Mexico and my MT commented that my legs weren't lining up which might be a clue to why my left-side was always… Continue reading (Trying to Stay) Injury Free

Tight Calves

I am (thankfully) not typically an injury prone athlete but the past few weeks I've been suffering from increasingly tight calf muscles. I haven't been able to pinpoint what in my lifestyle other than use is causing this problem but I know that it is time to stop it before it gets worse. My (underused)… Continue reading Tight Calves

2014 Training Recap – Weeks 1 to 4 (Base 2)

In past I've always done training recaps weekly, but my current training plan is divided into phases so I figure that it makes sense to recap each phase right now while we're so far away from an actual race day. Plus, my weeks are pretty repetitive! Weeks 1 to 4 schedule has looked like this,… Continue reading 2014 Training Recap – Weeks 1 to 4 (Base 2)