Sick Day

I had planned a post on Monday about how I was getting my sh*t together – I exercised (ran, rode by bike and lifted weights); I planned a week of healthy meals; and cleaned by bathroom for the first time in forever. However, I’m happy I didn’t post it because it is clear I’m not pulling anything together. I woke up around 1 am on Monday morning with chills and that awful feeling that can only be describe as “sick”. I made it through work on Tuesday but it was pretty clear by 5 pm that I wasn’t going to make it to work on Wednesday. The hot and cold flashes and uncontrollable shivering were a little uncomfortable.

So, instead I spent the better part of the morning in bed – I woke up around 8:30, fed the dog, and then went back to bed until noon. Oreo proved that when it comes to spending the day at home sick, he is the best companion. Oreo’s perfect day is spent on the bed sleeping and he is happy to have company.

In the afternoon I moved to the basement where I binged watched Netflix. I haven’t been sick in forever so I’ve forgotten how bored I get. I also forgot how big of a baby I am when I’m sick. Thank goodness I have no one but the pets to look after. Jon is so rarely away these days, but of course this is the week he is in the field. I was actually sort of looking forward it (before I got sick) but now I wish he was home to coddle me. Since he’s not, I’m coddling myself.

I have been on a soup diet since Tuesday morning (except that orange I ate for lunch, everything else right now just sounds so unappetizing) so tonight I treated myself to some beef ball soup. I keep the broth and meat balls frozen in individual servings and then all I have to do is heat it up and add some fresh veggies. It’s still soup, but a little more hearty than what I’ve been eating.

After a completely lazy day I am feeling better. I know that one day of rest isn’t going to cure me, but hopefully it will get me to the end of the week and winter break when I can recuperate.

Feeling Less Fit – and a new injury!

I’m in a bit of a fitness slump. I always envision summer as this time where I will do lots of working out but in reality it is usually the time of year where I fall apart. I’m not totally upset – I have been doing lots of fun things – but I do need to start focusing on spending a little less time sunbathing in the backyard and a little more time working out. There has to be balance and right now I’m swinging too far towards the “chill out” side.

Unfortunately, I am now sidelined with my second injury of the year – some serious foot pain. A long weekend of hiking followed by a long game of ultimate frisbee left me with a very sore side of my foot. It got progressively worse yesterday, even with no serious activity, so this morning I had a mini-meltdown and then called my chiropractor. I thought it might be a stress fracture but my chiro thinks that it is just a lot of tightness. We did some super painful treatment today and after icing it tonight it is way less sore!

Cat and ice bath

Even things that have nothing to do with cats seem to attract attention from the feline members of my household

It feels fine in my bike shoes so I’m allowed to bike, swim and lift upper body weights but no running or walking for now. This is a bit of a bummer because I’m supposed to be triathlon training and I just signed up for a fall half-marathon. Still, I’d rather deal with a minor injury now than a major problem down the road. Plus, the no-running rule should free up all my time for swimming, right?

(Trying to Stay) Injury Free

In February I had some tight leg muscles, so I started getting sports massages again (after not seeing an MT since my first marathon in 2010). I visited just before our trip to Mexico and my MT commented that my legs weren’t lining up which might be a clue to why my left-side was always so tight. I’d never been to the chiropractor but I booked myself in for an appointment as soon as we got back from Mexico to see if there was anything that really needed fixing.

While nothing seemed horrible, I was diagnosed with some issues related to my SI joints. I had my pelvis adjusted at my first appointment and while that felt totally weird, I can already see how it is helping. My shoulders were at different heights and now are level and my hip bones seem to be even again. On Wednesday we did some stretching (back and hamstrings) and today we added in some scraping with the graston tool. I have never experienced anything quite like it – I was almost in tears as he scraped my left calf. It feels like someone is scraping at your skin with razor blades – expect there is no bleeding, just some serious bruising. He also did my back and I’m just happy I had no plans to wear anything backless for a while!


Glad I got this done after our vacation – this would not have been a good look in my swim suit

So far the whole process has been rather uncomfortable but I hope that it’s going to fix anything before it becomes a problem. I didn’t exercise much this week but I’ve been given the okay to swim, bike and run again – as long as there isn’t any discomfort (I have assumed that is beyond the regular discomfort of exercising). The foam roller is supposed to make a regular appearance (ugh) and I need to stretch (ugh). Still, probably better to start now while it is just a minor ache and stop it from potentially becoming something more serious down the line.

Tight Calves

I am (thankfully) not typically an injury prone athlete but the past few weeks I’ve been suffering from increasingly tight calf muscles. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what in my lifestyle other than use is causing this problem but I know that it is time to stop it before it gets worse.

My (underused) foam roller has started to make a daily appearance – I hate, hate foam rolling and even more when I actually have tight muscles but I know that it is one way to help release the tension in my calves and my hamstrings (because you never know).


I was long over-due for a massage so last week I booked in and had my legs worked over. It seemed to help so I’m booking myself monthly repeat sessions.

I’ve also been working on my feet and ankles using my “pokey feet balls” and stretching.


And doing some calf stretches – especially in the pool. My swim instructor says my feet look fine during my kick but since I most often experience cramping during fly kick or when I’m wearing fins I’m trying to be extra good about taking breaks and letting those muscles stretch.

I’m hopeful that with a little time and some work this problem disappears. I hate being even slightly injured so fingers crossed that it is only a matter of days or weeks – not something that plagues me into summer training.

2014 Training Recap – Weeks 1 to 4 (Base 2)

In past I’ve always done training recaps weekly, but my current training plan is divided into phases so I figure that it makes sense to recap each phase right now while we’re so far away from an actual race day. Plus, my weeks are pretty repetitive!

Weeks 1 to 4 schedule has looked like this, with the amount of time spent on each activity changing with the week:

Monday – hills
Tuesday – bike, swim
Wednesday – run, bike
Thursday – run, swim
Friday – run
Saturday – bike
Sunday – swim

Planned vs. Actual Hours

Run- scheduled 7 hours, actual 6 hours
Bike – scheduled 11.25 hours, actual 6.5 hours
Swim – scheduled 12 hours, actual 8 hours
Total – scheduled 30.25 hours, actual 20.75 hours

Presented in graphical form:

I wasn’t as consistent with my schedule as I should be unfortunately so my actual training only loosely resembled what was planned. I used a lot of Frayed Laces Trainer Tuesday Workouts to help pass the time on my bike trainer – they are each about an hour and make spending that amount of time indoors on a bike bearable. I’ve also been loving the workouts provided at the pool – each one takes about an hour and I’ve been trying to do one IM workout and then one endurance/conditioning workout (focus on freestyle) each week.

The best workout of the past four weeks was an amazing 6.5 mile run last Saturday when it was +14. The worst workout was my last swim on Tuesday since I had a terrible cold.

Enjoying a spring day in January – I had to go running even though it wasn’t on the schedule

I think the next four weeks are going to be quite similar – hopefully this month I am better at sticking to the plan. I’ve got a much bigger gym area in the new house and have got the weights set up already so I can add strength training into the mix. I’m going to have to learn some new running routes at our new house and I’ve got a different bike trainer to try out so lots of little changes to keep it exciting!