The MacDonald Family Christmas Tree Hunt – 2014

Read about previous years: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2006 I feel with the way the weekends are this year that there just isn't very much time to get Christmasy things done! This is the earliest we've ever gotten our tree but still feels late. Like the past couple of years we headed out to the… Continue reading The MacDonald Family Christmas Tree Hunt – 2014

Cross-country Skiing at Confederation Golf Course

I'm not usually excited about winter - a quick search for "winter" in my archives reveals that I mostly complain about the the cold and snow from November through May - but this year I've actually been looking forward to the snow. I impulse bought new cross country skis (my first new set since high… Continue reading Cross-country Skiing at Confederation Golf Course

Day Hiking – Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

It snowed, like really snowed, on Monday. There are still tiny patches of snow in my yard, almost a week later. This is unusual, even for Alberta, which means that some of our outdoor activities have to be postponed until things return to normal. Instead of heading out to the mountains this weekend, we got… Continue reading Day Hiking – Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Catching Up

After our Saturday in Kananskis, we continued our long weekend adventures with our usual Sunday morning swim and a full afternoon of lawn bowling. Then on Monday (love those long weekends) Mer and I took Jon out for a road ride around Springbank. We rode it last year and it is a pretty half-day adventure.… Continue reading Catching Up