I’ve Moved!

Not houses again but to my own self-hosted site: http://www.goingeverywherejenn.com

I’ve been meaning to make the move to self-hosting for a while now and finally bit the bullet. My current site won’t disappear, but all new posts are going to appear only on the new site. I’d love it if you continued to join me there!


Taking a Night Off

The past few weeks of November have been so busy – I’m feeling burnt out. I was dragging my butt at work so I decided that tonight was going to be an off evening (or a “Friday on a Thursday”).

I walked the dog, made a giant pot of chicken soup and hunkered down on the couch. I’m fighting a cold (blah) and I hope that an evening off gives me the energy to get through another busy weekend.

Millarville Half-Marathon Training – Week 4

This week was a bit busier with work and out of work commitments but I still got most of my workouts in. The weather hasn’t gotten much better so my motivation to be outside really dropped off by the end of the week.

Monday – 3 mile run and Pilates
I got a solo 3 mile run in before work while Jon walked Patches. I am getting tired of cold early morning runs but hopefully it starts being light at 5:00 AM soon! After work we had Pilates where we worked on all the muscles I don’t have.

Tuesday – rest
This wasn’t on the schedule but I was pretty sore after Pilates. We were supposed to swim after work but again we skipped it – this told me that I really need to swim in the morning!

Wednesday – 3.75 mile run and weights
I did a split run with 1 mile before work and the rest after. I also did a 20 minute weight lifting session before work.

Thursday – 1 km swim (100 m warm up, 4×100 free pull, 4 x100 free, 100 m cool down)
I didn’t want to get up but I did make it to the pool for the 5:30 AM lane swim. It was not an awesome swim but I felt better about my breathing and tried to work on finishing my strokes strong. I coached track after school which was lots of walking but no running for me.

Friday – 3.75 mile run
I saved this run for after work because the weather was supposed to be nicer. It was actually pretty warm and I ran in capris and a long sleeved t-shirt. After I went out and bought some new runners:


My current summer shoes feel worn out and my trail runners are too heavy now that it isn’t winter. I also grabbed a new running hat.

Saturday – rest
I wasn’t planning another rest day but it was just so miserable outside that I just couldn’t do it. Instead we ran some errands and I got some school work done. I wore my new runners just to see how they were. I also made delicious chocolate tofu pie.


Sunday – swim drills
Our Sunday swim drills focused lots on technique today. My free style is still a disaster but at least I know what it should feel like. I did some food prep to make my week a little easier and pre-made by breakfast and snack smoothies.


Weekly totals: 10.5 miles ran, 2 swim sessions, 2 strength sessions


This week I really want to get out on my bike – assuming the weather cooperates. I also need to up my running a little. I was happy that I got in my two swim sessions and would like to keep that up.

Gardening 2013: Starting the First Seeds

We finally got around to starting our first seeds on Monday night. We started 18 pots of Ailsa Craig onions, another 18 pots of Ruby Ring onions, some geraniums, 8 pots of liquorice mint and 6 pots of purple cone flowers. We are still eating the onions we grew last year so we decided to grow more this year. We’re also not doing a CSA this year so we’ll be relying on our garden for most of our veggies. The other stuff is for the bees – we’re growing lots more flowers this year to help them out and make our yard look prettier!

The seed pots ready to be planted. Last year we made our own but I didn’t have time yet to make a batch for this year so we are starting our first seeds on coconut husk pots.

Our pots all filled up. We didn’t bring up the seed cage yet but I think we will have to by the weekend so the cats don’t mess nothing up!

Early Spring Running

I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous early spring run in on Saturday. After buying my new bike I really wanted to go biking but had to satisfy myself with a long run instead. I hit the pathways for 4 miles by myself before looping back to grab Patches for another 3.5 miles on the trails.


It was beautiful and I was pretty happy that I got to spend a large part of my afternoon enjoying the weather. Patches was pretty happy too!


It is nice to be out running more and I can’t wait for more spring sunshine so we can get out again.