Bee Keeping

In June 2012 we set up our very first backyard bee hives – Geraldton and Moose Factory.

the new hives with names

Geraldton didn’t survive the 2013/2014 winter so we established a new hive, Chapleau, into our new bee yard in 2014. It wasn’t an easy process but in 2015 we had two very busy hives.


Unfortunately we lost both our hives over the 2015-2016 winter, and that, combined with the arrival of our newest MacDonald, means we’re taking a break from beekeeping.

Any posts about our bees and bee related items are here and I’ve also listed them below.

2015 (Year 4)

|Opening the Hives| Processing Bees Wax|A Quick Look at the Hives|

2014 (Year 3)

|An Update on the Hives|Bees Up Close|Spring Cleaning and Splitting the Hives|A Missed Queen|The Queen Lives!| Too Many QueensThis Year’s Honey Harvest |Wrapping the Bees for Winter|

2013 (Year 2):

Building Bee Frames| Building Bee Boxes| First Hive Opening| Bee Update| July Bee Update| The First Honey of 2013| September Bee Update| Wrapping the Bees for Winter

2012 (Year 1):

The Bees Are Here! | Activity at the Hive | Opening the Hives | Honey Extraction