The Garden in 2012

In 2012 we tried a lot of new vegetables in our gardens ( this is the list of things that we decided to grow in 2012). We ordered our seeds from WestCoast Seeds again and were pretty happy with our order. Our first seeds were started in March in newspaper pots that we made (we needed to save a little money!) and we grew them in the seed cage with lights this year (which really helped). Some of our perennials were starting to grow by April (including our asparagus plants).We put the first seeds into the ground at the beginning of May and by the end of the month little seedlings had sprouted. We got lots of rain in June which slowed down growing but by July we were eating lettuce and thinning out the carrots. We installed a self-watering system in the raised beds which made it easy to travel in the summer and not have to worry about our plants. When we returned from vacation in August we had vegetable plants spilling out of their beds. By September we had tons of zucchini, raspberries, onions and huge sunflowers. We had a great growing year and were able to store lots of berries, onions and squash for the winter.