I aim to get in at least backpacking trip a year. We mostly backpack in the Rockies (because they’re right there!) but we’ve also done some coastal hiking and two backpacking trips when we travelled in Chile and Argentina. I’ve grouped the hikes into overnight trips, long weekend trips and week-long trips.

Two Day (Overnight Trips)

Egypt Lake via Healy Pass (2015) – an approximately 12 km hike. The highlight is definitely Healy Pass, although the area near Egypt Lake is pretty too. The downside to this hike is that there is an approximately 300 m elevation loss from the pass to the campground, meaning your hike out starts with a climb.

Turbine Canyon and North Kananaskis Pass (2014) – a 34 km, two day trip with the same wonderful friends we hiked Northover Ridge with. We had hiked this before in 2006 and the hike was way prettier than I remembered. A good choice if you only have two days to be in the backcountry.

Long Weekend (3 Day) Trips

Skoki – Baker Lake and Brachiopod Mountain (2016) – Its only one day into Baker Lake, meaning if you spend two nights you have time to scramble one (or more) of the nearby peaks.

Skoki – Merlin Meadows and Baker Lake (2011) – a 40 km, three day backpacking trip in the Lake Lousie area. Beautiful scenery and relatively quiet for a long weekend in August.

Northover Ridge/Three Isle Lake (2009) – a 34 km backpacking trip in Kananaskis Park. We did the hike in 3 days which was lots of time. Night one was at Three Isle Lake, night two at Aster Lake. Even though this isn’t a loop a shuttle isn’t necessary – you can just walk the north shore of Upper Kananaskis Lake to get back to your car.

The Skyline (2008) – We got snowed out of this 45 km backpacking trip in Jasper National Park. We had planned on 3 days and instead spent two – we stayed at Snowbowl but skipped the night at Tekarra and hiked through.

Iceline-Whaleback (2008) – about 30 km backpacking trip in Yoho National Park. We didn’t do any of the side trips but had an enjoyable 3 days.

Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre (Argentina) (2007) – Our second backpacking trip while traveling in Argentina and Chile. It was cold in November but worth it.

Tombstone Lakes (2007) – Hiking options are limited the first weekend in July so this isn’t the most exciting hike but they have firewood at the campground and the elevation gain is almost nothing. We did day trips to Rae Lake and Tombstone Lake.

About a Week

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail (2012) – a 47 km, four day trip on Vancouver Island. Great camping on the beach but muddy and lots of elevation changes.

The Rockwall (2009) – a 55 km backpacking trip in Kootenay National Park. We did the hike in 5 days which meant there was one longer day. We started at the Floe Lake trailhead and ended at the Paint Pots Trailhead.

Mt. Assiniboine (2008) – We got snowed out but had planned to do this as a 5 day in and back to the trailhead at Sunshine. We ended up finishing the trip at the Bryant Creek trailhead after only 3 days.

The “W” (Chile) Just like everyone else we trekked the W to see Torres del Paine. I think it was the coldest hike I’ve ever been on (probably due to our rental gear) but it is one of my favorite memories from our trip to South America.

The West Coast Trail (2007) – This was my second trip along the 75 km coastal trail. We had excellent weather, great company and an amazing time. We hiked North to South, using a shuttle service to get from our car at the south to the trailhead at the north, and spent 7 days on the trail.

Jonas Pass and the Brazeau Loop (2007) – My favorite hike! Five days and we hardly saw anyone. It helped that we had beautiful weather.