Travel – 2007


2007 was a big year of travel for us. We went on our first international trip since 2005 – Nicaragua. Then we spent a summer exploring our backyard. I graduated school, Jon quite his job and we packed up our house to spend 4 months traveling. We ended up traveling coast to coast of Canada – hiking the West Coast Trail and then driving to PEI. We then travelled coast to coast across Argentina and Chile (and lots of places in between).

Trip Recaps

Chile and Argentina (October 17 – December 6, 2007) – 6 weeks of steak, wine and amazing scenery. We loved Argentina and dream of returning some day. Our adventures in Chile and Argentina are still our favourite travel memories and the standard that we compare all our trips to.

|Buenos Aires|Iguazu Falls 1|Iguazu Falls 2|Salta|Mendoza|Bariloche 1|Bariloche 2|Into Chile and Riding the Ferry|Hiking the W|Alive and Well 1| Perito Mereno and El Chalten|Puerto Madryn|Buenos Aires Again|Food|

Cross-Country Road Trip (September 6 – October 11, 2007) – Jonny, Patches and I drove across the country from Alberta to PEI. And then we drove back

|The Start|Across the Prairies|Ontario|Into New Brunswick|NB, PEI and Nova Scotia|More Nova Scotia|The Rest of NB|

Nicaragua (April 13 – 22, 2007)- Volcanoes, beaches, wonderful! This was our first international trip after a 2 year break and was the beginning of a year of lots and lots of travel for us. We travelled with friends and had lots of interesting adventures.

|Granada|Masaya|Ometepe|The Beach| |Managua|