Central America

Belize (March 27 – April 6, 2013)- The perfect combination of jungle and beach. Belize was an easy escape with lots of fun things to do and opportunities to just relax. We spent a couple of days in the jungle near San Ignacio and the rest of the time at Caye Caulker. We loved the food, the people and how tiny the country was.

|Day 1|ATM|A Day in San Ignacio|Our First Days on Caye Caulker| |Our Last Days on Caye Caulker|Caracol|Snorkeling Caye Caulker|Belize: What to Eat|How to Plan Your Trip|

Nicaragua (April 13 – 22, 2007)- Volcanoes, beaches, wonderful! This was our first international trip after a 2 year break and was the beginning of a year of lots and lots of travel for us. We travelled with friends and had lots of interesting adventures.

|Granada|Masaya|Ometepe|The Beach| |Managua|